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The rebirth of Black History Month

Collecting stories from all 50 States, the African Diaspora and the Motherland, we will tell the history of our ancestors!

Through the art of music, we will bring together a powerful collection of student created content. Students will write and record songs based on inspirational and impactful Black Americans/Africans from the state they live in. All songs will then be categorized by century to present a complete overview of Black American history. Students from all racial background are welcome to lend their voice.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this to build our self-esteem, re-establish our legacies, educate the world, and most importantly inform ourselves about our greatness. 

We are re-introducing our Black History Month of February as an annual global celebration of us. During this month, we will have online events highlighting the songs that have been presented from across the country and around the world. 


Students will share their experiences of researching, writing, and recording their songs through live and recorded video. Both live and recorded performances will be featured as well as a platform where students can collaborate on stories that intersect and connect. 

Our first online global Black History Month celebration will be in February 2023. We are officially accepting music from students starting this September 2022. If music production is needed, we can provide original music, mixing, and mastering of songs at a minimal cost to assist students and schools to fully participate.

The inspiration behind I Am Black American (IABA) began as my healing process. My healing from the trans-generational trauma that has passed through my ancestors as a result of slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and much more.


As I traveled the world, I was mesmerized by the love and respect that people across the globe express for Black American culture, and the successes of our past and present heroes. This gives me great pride in who I am, igniting my desire to deeply know and honor our ancestors. I now venture to collectively bring our history under one roof, and what better way to tell our stories than through music written and presented from the hearts and minds of our youth.


I humbly invite you to join "I AM BLACK AMERICAN".

I Am Black American Official Theme Song

The IABA theme song explains my mindset as a Black American as well as my desire and commitment to honor our ancestors through this curriculum.
Song written and performed by The Brooklyn Globetrotter (Chad Harper). Music produced by Boger. Mixed and mastered by Kunta Official Beats.

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