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I AM BLACK AMERICAN is a collection of music, film, interviews, documentaries, visual art, events and interactive experiences, humbly crafted to breath life into the history and greatness of Black Americans. As I traveled the world I was mesmerized at the love and respect people across the globe have for our culture and the success of our past and present heroes. It gave me great pride in who I am. It ignited my desire to deeply know and honor my ancestors. I now with great care artistically present where we come from, what we have persevered through and what we have achieved...to the world!

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BB_FLY is a apparel line in response to mass incarceration. I have personally worked with incarcerated teens across New York City. Through this experience I realized that many times incarceration is a family trait. I decided to launch a Hip Hop apparel line where all proceeds go to trade schooling for recently released teens. I do this in hope to give them a skill to be proud of and begin a career to stay free and live a full productive life.