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Our work in Mombasa, Kenya

In Dec 2016 I, Chad Harper moved to Mombasa, Kenya on a year long sabbatical.  While there a met a group of children who regularly asked for food outside of the mall. There are several local food tents on the side of the road so I would ask them to go gather all the kids as some would be on different entrances as sit down with them and  eat. Each meal would cost around 50 cents. I would feed the kids often twice a day. After a few weeks I told them I need to meet your parents or guardian if I am going to be feeding you regularly. They took m to Bombolulu, the neighborhood they are from. It was a beautiful experience. I became like a father figure to more then a dozen children. I started paying school fees, school breakfast and lunch, school uniforms etc. Over 3 years later I am still in their lives and committed to being a father figure for life. These children crossed my path at a time when I was searching for a deeper meaning to my life and I am forever grateful!

Support our GoFundME and keep the babies learning!

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