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Chad Harper was born in Cleveland, Ohio, educated at Morehouse College, mentored and molded by New York City and cultured around the world. Harper began his life in Hip Hop as a Break dancer in Junior High School, followed by becoming an MC (rapper) in high school. Harper today is an educator, Hip Hop artist, humanitarian, music producer, song writer, videographer, video editor and Founder and CEO of Hip Hop Saves Lives (HHSL). Harper has combined his two passions, Hip Hop and community service to create a curriculum that teaches humanity through Hip Hop. Harper founded HHSL based on the Gandhi quote “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”. Seven years after founding HHSL, Harper was honored by Gandhi’s Ashram as a guest speaker in 2014. Harper has traveled to 60 plus countries exploring cultures, absorbing wisdom and mentoring youth through his HHSL curriculum. HHSL is here to reinstate the original purpose of Hip Hop, which is Peace, Love, Unity and Having fun.
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Founder/CEO -Chad Harper
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Head Engineer and Music Producer
-Kunta Official Beats
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Kunta is a Hip Hop Producer/Mc from

Nairobi, Kenya. He began his musical journey as a Hip Hop artist  while still in his teens, refining his skill set by studying pioneer Kenyan Hip Hop acts like Kalamashaka and K-South as well as international artists like Rakim, Dead Prez, Nas, and Wu-Tang Clan.Music production was always a passion to him once he got to record his first joint in a music studio. A self-taught producer, he’s been practicing his trade for the past ten years, where’s he’s been developing his own unique sampling technique by using African samples.He’s produced records for different artists from around the globe: Kenya, New York, Tanzania, Greece, South Africa and South Carolina. Consequently, with

such extensive experience under his belt, he

successfully established his own production label

known as Kunta Official Beats.

To get in touch with Kunta,

Facebook: Kunta Official Beats.
Twitter: @kuntanakinte
Youtube: Span1Kunta


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