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Our Curriculum

Documentaries on our work

1. Students discuss social issues that are important to them. They agree on one to research and find an everyday hero that is working to address this issue. The hero could be from their city, state or from around the world.

2. We research that person, their organization and work to have a clear idea on how they are creating change.

3. We choose or even better produce music that captures the emotion of the hero's work. The production process includes the students listening to a variety of instrument sounds and choosing which instruments express the emotion of the subjects work. Their chosen instruments are sent to our in-house producer to create an original track for the students to record their lyrics on to create the song.

4. The students write lyrics celebrating the hero, what they have learned and expressing their personal emotions about the issue.

5. We record the song on location with our portable music studio.

6. We create a story board that outlines our music video. We act out the scenes and the children perform their lyrics and I edit the music video.

7. Lastly we send the song and music video to the hero as a gift!


In-House Documentary

We have provided programing at NYC Schools, Carnegie, Homeless Teen Shelters, Incarcerated Youth Facilities, NYC Libraries, Youth Detention Centers, Youth Probation Centers and more.

Our goal is to build youth's self esteem by highlighting and showcasing their talent and abilities.

Poverty is low self esteem because with high self esteem you can achieve anything!

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